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God Jots™ - How To Reach People The Way God Reaches ThemRead more +14 March 2024 By Ender Bowen in Compassion

How To Reach People The Way God Reaches Them

As Christians we often say things to non-believers that sound like condemnation and judgment. How can we better exemplify the Kingdom we are inviting them into?
God Jots™ - Why You Should Embrace Imperfections In Yourself And OthersRead more +15 February 2024 By Ender Bowen in Compassion

Why You Should Embrace Imperfections In Yourself And Others

Embracing imperfections doesn't diminish our worth; it enriches our humanity and fosters genuine connections with others. How are we called to act on this?
Confirmation Bias And The Power of Belief - God Jots™Read more +18 January 2024 By Ender Bowen in Compassion

Confirmation Bias And The Power of Belief

It's easy to look at folks on the other side of the political, cultural or societal divide and think "What's wrong with them?!" Maybe it's not as bad as you think.

Identifying False Idols And The Power of Permission - God Jots™Read more +01 February 2024 By Ender Bowen in Empowerment

Identifying False Idols And The Power of Permission

A false idol could be anything that has the ability to have power or control over you. How do you identify them? And how do you take the power back?
What Do You Do When God Doesn't Come Through? | God Jots™Read more +11 January 2024 By Ender Bowen in Empowerment

What Do You Do When God Doesn’t Come Through?

As adults we're responsible for so much - we get so bogged down - that sometimes the "signal" from God gets jammed or garbled. How do you clear that space?
What Is The Number of The Beast? | God Jots™Read more +04 January 2024 By Ender Bowen in Empowerment

What Is The Number Of The Beast?

The Beast can't do anything without our permission. It doesn't take violence, vitriol or venom. All it takes is your will, your Compassion, and your Faith.

God Jots™ - How To Embrace Your Spiritual Purpose And Live IntentionallyRead more +29 February 2024 By Ender Bowen in Purpose

How To Embrace Your Spiritual Purpose And Live Intentionally

If we're not living with purpose and intent, then we're not living the way God envisioned. But we don't need a near-death experience for that to change.
God Jots™ - How Life Makes Room For Something NewRead more +07 July 2020 By Ender Bowen in Purpose

How Life Makes Room For Something New

What may seem like a tragedy or a failure - that terrible ending to something good - is instead the natural tendency for Life to make room for something new.
God Jots™ - Science and Religion Part 2: Two Sides of The Same CoinRead more +23 June 2020 By Ender Bowen in Purpose

Science and Religion Part 2: A Very Close Relationship

Science and Religion are not enemies. They are actually very close brothers. The sooner we understand this relationship, the sooner we can truly work together to understand our purpose...

"...I love the articles on Compassion... Very deep, but he makes it easy to understand!"

Candace | New Jersey

"...Compassion seems to be the really big secret... I've already seen it work in my life..."

Michael | Florida

"...It's amazing how he can talk about such deep and serious things and still somehow make you laugh..."

Scott | Oregon

God Jots™ 10 Important Things

In my God Jots blogs, the most important and underlying theme is the idea of Compassion. It's the device through which we get to share God's love with others, and ultimately experience the Joy He intended for all of us.

But how do we know the proper way to experience those things? How do we get there? How do I keep my head, my heart, and my spirit centered and aimed for Love, Compassion, and Joy?

In 10 Important Things..., I try to give you a jump-start in the right direction. This mini-eBook shows you what I think are - you guessed it - TEN of the most important things (and it was hard... there are many) that you should consider each day. Use these suggestions to inform your interactions with others. Think about them when you're in the shower preparing to start your day. Turn to them when the news is bad and you're not sure how to react.

Whether you're a long time Christian or just getting started on your walk with Christ, 10 Important Things... will get you started on the road to truly experiencing God's Love, Compassion, and Joy.

God Jots™ Spiritual Paths

I'm not a big fan of messes, or clutter... or general haphazardry. Keeping things clean, neat, and well organized is kind of a big deal to me. Of course you'd probably never know that if you saw my home studio office. But that's not for lack of trying. I'd like to think it's a kind of organized chaos. It all makes sense if you live in it.

To a certain extent, I suspect you're the same way. Sure, you probably have a few things perfectly categorized and neatly arranged - like in your living room or your kitchen or that shelf area just above the master toilet - but I'd be willing to bet that most of the things you've organized would probably look kind of random or even cluttered to most other people. That's okay - you know where everything is, right? No matter how it looks, it all makes sense because you live in it!

And of all the places you could live... This website isn't one of them. I mean... that would be kind of weird...

But, hey! You're here! And I don't know if you've noticed this but... I appear to have written a LOT of God Jots! I honestly didn't even really know that until I sat down a while ago to make everything nice and pretty for the big internet ball! Over the years, I haven't had a real plan for what I'm going to write, or what I'm going to say. I just sit down, write it, review it about a million times, give it to my wife to edit, hand it over to the cats and the dog to get their approval, and then - if it's still legible, or otherwise uneaten - I go ahead and publish it.

The result is... well... a poorly organized mess of articles. How do you know what the focus is? Do you just pick a random article and go to it, hoping you've picked something that feels relevant to you? Even if it does, how does it fit into the big picture?

And why is he wearing those stupid safety goggles?

The whole point of God Jots is that it's supposed to be the opposite of intimidating. You shouldn't be confused when you come here for a visit. Unfortunately, my haphazardry might have gotten me in a little bit of trouble there.

So I've done the best I can to focus God Jots into three different categories - what I call Spiritual Paths - simply my way of illuminating what I believe to be some of the most important keys to a fulfilling and spiritually-connected life.

Compassion means striving to understand and Love your fellow man (or woman). But it just as easily means knowing how to Love yourself. As a result, it primarily focuses on your relationships with other people, particularly how to purposefully and intentionally interact with others from a place of Love.

Empowerment includes self-reflection - understanding your own vices and how evil so easily manipulates and grows within you - and what to do about the things you discover.

Purpose is about recognizing God's work in you, and the reason you're here to begin with.

I hope that by organizing everything into these Spiritual Paths, I've made God Jots easier to read and digest. With some semblance of a bigger picture and purpose to it all.

If this works for you, and you find yourself wanting more, you'll want to know when I post new content to God Jots. I suggest you subscribe to get all those updates and more - including eBooks and other exclusives.

And please don't be afraid to like, comment, follow, share... or heck, drop me a personal line! I'd love to know what you think of God Jots!

I'm going to shut up now and let you do this thing. Just pick a path and take your first step!

Talk soon! God Bless!

"A voice that wrestles with ideas yet understands that there are also absolutes..."

Amy | Tennessee

"[The podcast is] very moving and an appropriate length for today’s average super busy individual."

David | Tennessee

"...Analytical but not clinical... it's loose... almost like a stream-of-consciousness Ted Talk..."

Trevor | Maine

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