Thursday, 20 June 2024 / Published in Forgiveness
What Is True Forgiveness According To The Bible
Forgiveness can be incredibly difficult to put into practice, especially when the hurt is deep. But what does true forgiveness look like according to the Bible?
Thursday, 13 June 2024 / Published in Forgiveness
What Did Jesus Say About Forgiveness
Forgiveness is a central theme in the teachings of Jesus, carrying profound implications for how we live and interact with others. What exactly did he say?
Thursday, 13 June 2024 / Published in Forgiveness
How Does God Give Us Forgiveness
Forgiveness is a concept that runs deep, especially when it comes from God. But how does God give us forgiveness?
Thursday, 14 March 2024 / Published in Compassion
God Jots™ - How To Reach People The Way God Reaches Them
As Christians we often say things to non-believers that sound like condemnation and judgment. How can we better exemplify the Kingdom we are inviting them into?
Thursday, 29 February 2024 / Published in Purpose
God Jots™ - How To Embrace Your Spiritual Purpose And Live Intentionally
If we're not living with purpose and intent, then we're not living the way God envisioned. But we don't need a near-death experience for that to change.
Thursday, 15 February 2024 / Published in Compassion
God Jots™ - Why You Should Embrace Imperfections In Yourself And Others
Embracing imperfections doesn't diminish our worth; it enriches our humanity and fosters genuine connections with others. How are we called to act on this?
Thursday, 01 February 2024 / Published in Empowerment
Identifying False Idols And The Power of Permission - God Jots™
A false idol could be anything that has the ability to have power or control over you. How do you identify them? And how do you take the power back?
Thursday, 18 January 2024 / Published in Compassion
Confirmation Bias And The Power of Belief - God Jots™
It's easy to look at folks on the other side of the political, cultural or societal divide and think "What's wrong with them?!" Maybe it's not as bad as you think.
Thursday, 11 January 2024 / Published in Empowerment
What Do You Do When God Doesn't Come Through? | God Jots™
As adults we're responsible for so much - we get so bogged down - that sometimes the "signal" from God gets jammed or garbled. How do you clear that space?
Thursday, 04 January 2024 / Published in Empowerment
What Is The Number of The Beast? | God Jots™
The Beast can't do anything without our permission. It doesn't take violence, vitriol or venom. All it takes is your will, your Compassion, and your Faith.